Das komplette online Akkord-Verzeichnis

This is a fairly comprehensive and complete guitar chord dictionary which will list most of the available ways to play a certain chord, starting from the base of the fingerboard up to a few frets beyond the twelfth fret (beyond which everything repeats). A couple of non-standard tunings are provided for the benefit of slide players, etc.

Chord names start with a root note (A-G) and may include sharps (#) and flats (b). This software will parse most of the standard naming conventions such as maj, min, dim, sus(2 or 4), aug, with optional repeating elements.

Einige gültige Beispiele: A, A7, Am7, Amaj7, Amaj9, Ammaj7, Aadd4, Asus2Add4, E7b13b11 ...